Our unique S.A.L.T. Booth® is an enclosed, dry salt therapy unit with our MULTI S.A.L.T. FX® halogenerator that provides individual and personalized skin and lung therapy. Now you can adjust various levels and concentration of salt particles to offer a more individualized and targeted salt therapy session.

The S.A.L.T. Booth® takes a small space and turns it into a powerful healing environment for people with various respiratory ailments, skin conditions, detox and general wellness, from 30 minutes to as little as 10 minute sessions.


CÜR Salt Spa is excited to introduce a first-of-it's-kind private sauna, featuring an infrared lamp surrounded by blocks of Himalayan salt.  The sauna can be warmed up to 100 degrees based on the guest's preference.  The heat allows the guests to relax, detox and enjoy the many benefits of salt. A spacious tile bench provides space for up to 3 intimate guests to be seated comfortably for this 20 minute session..  


Therapy sessions in our luxurious Himalayan salt room last 45 minutes and require no more than deep breathing and relaxation. Guests may partake of sessions in their street clothes and are encouraged to sit back, unwind and breathe deeply as the micro-particles of pure white salt are dispersed into the air, entering your airways to naturally cleanse and detoxify your lungs, sinuses and air passages. Guests are asked to remove shoes, wear socks and changing rooms are provided for guests who wish to change into a robe or other clothing for the session.


We provide a dedicated kids salt room so that our little guests can have fun while enjoying the healing benefits of salt in their respiratory system and on their skin.  Unlike adults who want to kick back and relax, kids like to play in the salt.  We provide pails, shovels and other toys that make the experience feel like a day at the beach!  



Our calm, relaxing space for massage features a space to change and place your personal belongings.  We currently feature 1 massage bed and multiple massage offerings which all incorporate salt and aroma therapy.  Himalayan salt lamps provide ambiance and allow guests to breathe in the benefits of salt during their massage.  



We provide guests with secure lockers to keep their personal belongings in during the treatment sessions.  The individual lockers are 12"X12" with space to place shoes, a purse and other personal items.  Guests who wish to change clothing can use the changing room and store their items safely in our lockers.  Additional space for shoes is available in the waiting area as well.