A smoker's cough is a persistent cough that is present for more than 2-3 weeks and develops in a long-term smoker.  At first it may be a dry cough, commonly in smokers who haven't smoked for very long, but over time it usually produces phlegm.  This phlegm can be clear, white, yellow or green in color.

The airways are lined with cilia which are tiny, hair-like cells that catch toxins when air is inhaled and moves them upwards towards the mouth in order to sweep harmful substances out of the lungs.  Smoking paralyzes these cells so the cilia cannot do their job.  Toxins are allowed to enter the lungs, where they settle and cause inflammation.  Cilia that are damaged or destroyed can no longer sweep harmful substances, such as dust, bacteria and viruses out of the lungs.  This leads to a build-up of mucus mixed with the foreign substances in the respiratory tract, which the body attempts to clear by coughing.
The body has an effective self-cleansing mechanism and some toxins are removed by the natural  cleansing mechanism of our lungs.  But long-term smoking leads to and increased risk of developing pneumonia and acute bronchitis (Link to bronchitis page) due to the build-up of viruses and bacteria in the respiratory tract. 

Salt Therapy is a proven, safe and natural therapy to help treat Smoker's Cough.  A smokers lungs are filled with tar and smoke residue from exposure to nicotine.  The cilia that are responsible for moving mucus out of the lungs are damaged from this exposure.  Dry salt aerosol improves function of cilia, increasing their cleaning efficiency and ability to move mucus out of the lungs. 

Dry micro particles of salt that are inhaled during a therapy session destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation.  Salt Therapy also widens the airways through reducing inflammation which helps to shift mucus and reduce the chance of infection.

By visiting our Salt Rooms, Sauna or Private Booth and inhaling the saline aerosol, guests can find safe and natural relief. Guests can reduce the need for medication and alleviate coughing, shortness of breath and clear mucus/sticky phlegm. Guests can also strengthen their immune system to prolong remission times and improve the ability to live well.


Depending on severity, 20-30 sessions are recommended for long term results with the initial sessions close together.  2-3 sessions a week are suggested for the first month to notice results and the remainder of the sessions may be spaced out further, based on desired results.  For irreversible conditions, 2-3 sessions per month are recommended to maintain clearer lungs.